Our payroll specialists can take care of all your payroll processing and reporting functions.

Payroll solutions - Allow BTMR to remove the strain of managing your payroll. With a steady stream of changes to UK and EU legislation payroll has become much more complex than putting wages in a pay packet

As the paperwork grows, the demands on your time also increase. Failure to comply with all the legislation may lead to a fine or an inspection of your business affairs.

BTMR Payroll Solutions is designed to lighten the load. Our payroll specialists can take care of all your payroll processing and reporting functions. Suitable for any organisation, regardless of size or complexity, BTMR Payroll Solutions are tailored to clients' needs and are priced according to agreed levels of responsibility.

Designed to reduce your overhead costs and improve efficiency, BTMR in effect become your payroll department, ready to respond to your needs and leaving you free to deal with your core activities.

Just specify how your employees are to be paid, provide us with the basic information, sit back and let us do the rest…your payroll is in safe hands

By allowing BTMR Payroll Solutions to manage your payroll, you can be assured that a professional and experienced team will be taking care of your needs. Our team are highly trained and have an extensive knowledge of all relevant payroll legislation, including Auto Enrolment.

We are proud of our state-of-the-art computer equipment which includes systems that are designed to alleviate paperwork and ensure that information is available at our fingertips. We are therefore able to respond quickly to our clients' needs and keep ahead of our competition.

Our Payroll Service will provide you with the following:

  • A Payroll Service tailored to suit your needs.
  • Quick and efficient turn-round of payroll data.
  • Payroll figures returned to you in the format you choose (i.e. email, post etc).
  • Pay slips available in standard, security or new e-pay slips.
  • Extensive payroll knowledge and access to employment law advice.
  • A team of helpful and professional staff at your disposal.
  • Fixed and affordable costs- no hidden extras.

Choose from a payroll package that suits you best. All end of year returns submitted on line in accordance with the latest HMRC regulations.

Stationery included in cost including P60's printed ready to hand to your employees at year end, plus any P45's and P46's required throughout the year. We will claim any incentives and payments that you may be entitled to.

Service Selection - You choose how much or how little we do:

  • Standard Payroll Package
  • Annual Leave Management
  • Autopay Bank Update
  • Auto enrolment set up, maintenance and monthly running

An offer you can't refuse - Over the last few months HM Revenue & Customs have increased the number of visits they make to businesses as part of either a Business Records Check, a VAT visit or an Employer Compliance Review. We offer you a solution.