There’s no escape, forms are here to stay, whether in hard copy or online! We can, however, help.

Limited companies and LLPs - If you trade as a limited company you are required by law to keep certain records regarding the company’s registered office, its directors and shareholders, its accounting reference date to mention but a few. Recent changes (2015) in company law have reduced the forms that have to be completed but placed the responsibility of maintaining those records on the company and its directors.

Companies House will charge each company for maintaining the records but most of our clients are small companies where the annual changes are minimal, if any change at all is required to be registered.

We have direct access to every company’s records at Companies House and our software is designed to keep your company’s record up-to-date and compliant with company law.

Other official forms - We complete most other forms for clients online – VAT returns, HMRC forms – relieving you of the chore. Because we deal with these matters every day, we know whether a form is required, which form it is, the deadline for submission and what needs to accompany it.